I always wish to organise my thoughts on Software QA in writing but never able to make the wish a reality. With such personal goal, I’ve created this website. While SQA is a vast area, herein, at present I’d like to start from the area of Automation Testing. Not to mention, my forever plan to expand this website in other areas. My future topics in SQA include but not limited to Robotic Process Automation (RPA) using Automation Anywhere, Stress and Volume testing using LoadComplete and Splunk, mobile App testing using Appium and Sauce Labs.  My interest on other IT areas including  IT project and development strategy, Digital Marketing,  Cloud Architecture, Data Analytics and Blockchain will not be discussed in this website.

I am Eamon Ishrat, a Software QA Engineer from Melbourne. I’m passionate in project plan and  development strategy to deliver quality application that is ‘fit for purpose’ for the client. I am enthusiastic in analysing every program architecture, requirement and environment. While committed to deliver quality product on agreed time-frame and budget, I evaluate, communicate and manage all Risks associated with the delivery. Deep down as a Quality Inspector in digital space, I love to break the code! Please find my Resume here (Download CV) .

Outside work, apart from socialisation with family and friends, I like to follow Motor Racing specially F1 and football mainly AFL. At home, while surrounded with my two beautiful kids Neil and Aleena, I am trying my best to find time reading on three different topics: Internet Marketing, Big Data and Internet of Things.

Thanks for visiting my page. If you have any opinion or like to enlighten me on any of the subject discussed here, please feel free to reach me out via email or the Contact link.